CNFR Day Three Update

Day Three Update from the CNFR.

  • Ryland Lufkin took seventh in the second round in the Breakaway Roping with a time of 2.6. She is currently in 31st place

  • . Bryce Harrison had a time of 8.8 in his second attempt in the Steer Wrestling. He is currently in 17th place with a time on 15.3 on two.

  • Emmy Ilgen had an 8.0 in her second attempt in the goat tying. She is tied for 33rd place with a time of 15.9 on two.

  • Ethan Stensrud had a no score in his second attempt in the Tie-Down Roping.

  • Alonzo Skunkcap had a no score in his second attempt in the Team Roping.

  • Mikayla Witter had a no score in the slack and a 12.6 in the perf. She is currently sitting in eighth place in the Breakaway Roping (3.5, NS, 12.6 - 16)

  • James Ramirez and Jake Cerini had a no score in both the slack and the perf in the Team Roping. They finish the CNFR with scores: 18.2, NS, NS - 18.2

The Top-12 in each event advance to Saturday's Championship Short-Go. Today's Action:

Brody Smith's third ride in the Bareback.

Ethan Stensrud's third attempt in the Tie-Down Roping

Ryland Lufkin's third attempt in the Breakaway Roping. Draw List Event Schedule Daily Results Starting Tuesday night, the performances will be broadcast on ESPN3

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