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CNFR Day 4 Update

Day Four Update from the CNFR.

Brody Smith scored 79.5 points in his third ride. He is currently sitting in fourth place after three in the Bareback (74.0, 73.5, 79.4 - 227.0)

Ethan Stensrud had a no score in his third attempt in the Tie-Down Roping. He finishes the CNFR (31.5, NS, NS - 31.5)

Ryland Lufkin had a 3.0 in her third attempt in the Breakaway Roping. She is currently in 9th place after three (NS, 2.6, 3.0 - 5.6) The Top-12 in each event advance to Saturday's Championship Short-Go.

Today's Action: Bryce Harrison's third attempt in the Steer Wrestling. Alonzo Skunkcap's Third Attempt in the Team-Roping. Draw List Event Schedule Daily Results Tonight's performance will be broadcast on ESPN3

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