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City Hall Committee Meeting 09/16/2021


City Council Chambers

September 16, 2021

4:00 PM


1. Call to Order

2. Discuss/Recommend Resolution for Transparency with Respect to Surveillance


3. Discuss/Recommend/Status Elevator Addition and ADA Restroom Upgrades to

City Hall

4. Discuss/Recommend Changing Council Rules of Procedure for Time Limit of

Public and Censure of Council

5. Public Comment On Items Of Significant Public Interest Not On The Agenda And

Within The Jurisdiction Of The City

6. Adjournment

Committee Members:

Raymond Graham - Chairperson

Dan Nye

John McGinley

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Dillon understands that citizens have the right under the

Montana Constitution to observe and participate in local governmental affairs by

personally attending all public meetings of the Dillon City Council and other City boards

and committees. This meeting is open to the public as normal (pre-virus). Any who

would like to physically attend, are asked to please wear a face covering and practice 6-

ft social distancing at the meeting. For those who are cautious about physically

attending, a Zoom link is available. Join the meeting with Zoom ID: 770-316-6528,

allowing permission for mic and camera (if using a computer go to ) and use Passcode 4245. Please mute your mic until you

desire to comment. Any problems or questions, call City Hall at 683-4245.

Thank you, Michael L. Klakken, Mayor

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