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City Council Welcomes 2 New Probationary Firefighters Questions Legality Of Posted Speed Limits

Last night the Dillon City Council started off with the approval of previous meetings minutes, then quickly moved along with Fire Chief Klose asking for the approval to appoint two new probationary firefighters, Shawn Horner and Marcus Osborne. With a unanimous vote, they were approved to the positions.

Todd Hazelbaker, director of operations, began by giving his report of the city employees. He wanted to give credit to Christy Flintoff. Christy is the delivery driver for Meals on Wheels. This is a program that goes largely unnoticed in Dillon. They provide hot meals to 28 Dillon residents who may not be able to get a hot meal otherwise. Todd said in a recent delivery Christy came upon an elderly gentleman in need. She called 911 and stayed with the gentleman until help arrived. After doing this, she went on her way with the deliveries. Christy has also gone out of her way to provide food for residents out of her own expenses. Christy is one of those citizens that make Dillon such a great place to live.

Next, Jim McIsaac and the Bicentennial Apartments donated money for the purchase of bulletproof vests to the Dillon Police Department. The vest wears down and deteriorates over time and the police had a couple that needed to be retired and replaced.

During the Street and Alley Committee, the subject of a traffic study was brought up by Council Person O'Rourke, wanting to know if the traffic study will be done by the Chief of Police or by an Engineer.

Council person Nye stated, "That the way I understand it, tickets that have been issued on Thompson Ave have been thrown out because there was no engineering study done; so there is no backbone to back up the ticket."

From the discussion involving the council, the Chief of Police, and the City Attorney, the speed limit change on both Thompson Street, as well as Argenta street, were completed without the proper steps taken. To have a speed limit reduced, it would have to have a traffic study done by an engineer who is certified to do this type of work. In the past it was done by former Chief of Police Gutcheck, who did not have the power or authority to do this. The whole discussion begins at the 50 min mark of the video provided below.

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