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Bullock Announces New Website Reporting Form To Boost Enforcement of COVID Health Orders

Gov. Steve Bullock along with Yellowstone County Health Officer John Felton, announced a new way to enforce state and county orders aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Bullock said the state has set up a new Online form that allows a person to anonymously report violations of health protocols, including ignoring the governor's face mask order inside businesses, place holding large gatherings without practicing social distancing, or places that stay open past the mandated closing hours.

In a news conference today (10/22/2020) Gov. Bullock stated that State Public Health Officials looked at many businesses across Flathead County. The teams did observational visits to gas stations, convenience stores, retail stores, and grocery stores. They found some businesses with no signage, some with customers with no mask. Some did not have health measures in place to prevent the spread.

He stated the goal is to make sure that businesses are following the measures to keep people safe. This website will allow citizens to report their concerns. The reports submitted to this website will be reviewed by the DPHHS then sent to the appropriate local authority reviews and investigations.

Gov. Bullock said while enforcement efforts this week were focused on Flathead County, they will be looking at other counties in the next week. Extending the offer he made last week to provide support to local county attorneys and health departments by making state resources available.

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