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Board of Health Votes to Follow Governor's Directives

The Beaverhead County Board of Health met today (02/17/2021) to follow up on the new directives issued by Governor Gianforte.

The meeting started off with a public health update from Sue Hansen:

  • Beaverhead County has six active cases. Most coming in over the weekend. All residents in long-term care facilities have been given the second dose of COVID vaccine.

  • Tuesday at 1 P.M. they will be doing a community vaccine in Lima and Wisdom for those who fall in the proper guidelines.

  • The February 26th clinic in Dillon will have 450 appointment slots, this will include 200 first dose appointments and 250 second doses.

The next discussion was around the Governors order 2-2021. Board member Charlotte Quist pointed out that the order does not mandate the wearing of mask but highly recommends it. This brought up the same debate on the effectiveness of mask and the problems that follow with enforcing a mask mandate. Before voting on the mandate they heard from public comments, some from concerned parents and others just wanting more clarification on what the vaccine does and why they still need to wear a mask after the vaccine. After the discussion the board voted unanimously to follow the Governors directive and not impose stricter regulations.

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