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Block Management Program information now available

Hunters can now get their 2020 Block Management Area (BMA) Hunting Access Guide, individual BMA map and rules information.

Hunters are strongly encouraged to request their 2020 BMA Hunting Access Guide and individual BMA maps and rules via mail, email, phone or by completing the online Access Guide request form and downloading or printing BMA maps at For those who’ve already have ordered one, guides will be shipped beginning Aug. 10.

“Given our current situation with the COVID pandemic, we are trying to limit BMA walk-in traffic to our offices, and hunters are strongly encouraged to utilize our web resources,” said Jason Kool, FWP Hunting Access Bureau Chief.

By utilizing the FWP website, hunters will have instant access to the Access Guide and up-to-date BMA maps and rules for every individual BMA enrolled in the program.

“Obtaining these individual BMA maps and rules via our website are key to successfully utilizing the BMA program as not all rules or instructions for obtaining landowner permission are listed in the guide,” Kool said. “The website also features a list of BMAs that are closed due to fire restrictions and provides updates for BMAs that have changed after the access guide was printed.”

Hunters may also obtain individual BMA maps at permission sign-in boxes, or via phone, mail or email request to FWP at the contact information below.

Also, for this year, BMAs that take reservations may have varying dates for taking hunter reservations. Reservations cannot start before Aug. 22, but some will be scattered throughout the season to better accommodate hunter demands.

“Hunters should check their Access Guide or view the individual BMA map and rules online to determine when a given BMA will start reservations – if the BMA takes reservations,” Kool said.

Montana landowners who have collaborated with FWP to provide access opportunities deserve a big ‘Thank you,’” said FWP director Martha Williams. “These landowners are critical to hunting in Montana and provide such amazing opportunities.”

 The Block Management program, through partnerships formed with private landowners, government agencies and conservation organizations will provide access to over 7.1 million acres of private and isolated public land for the 2020 hunting season.

Hunting Access Program Contact Information:

Region 1:; 406-752-5501

Region 2:; 406-542-5530

Region 3:; 406-577-7900

Region 4:; 406-454-5862

Region 5:; 406-247-2940

Region 6:; 406-228-3700

Region 7:; 406-234-0930

Helena:; 406-444-2612

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