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Black Mountain Fire Update 07/22/2021

Size: 946 Acres

Incident Commander: Type 3 Team

Planned Actions

Prep the road from the Selway Creek drainage to the north. Scout for containment opportunities between Selway Creek and Skinner Meadows on the north end of the fire.

Projected Incident Activity

12 hours: Moderate fire growth due to fire area precipitation; 24 hours: Minimal fire growth due to recent precipitation,

48 hours: May see fire growth to the north and east due to predicted strong winds.

72 hours: Continued fire growth to the north & east, potential for spotting as fuels dry out.


Recent precipitation has slowed fire growth and lessened fire activity.

Weather Concerns: Isolated showers and thunderstorms are likely over the fire area through Thursday 7/22. Fuels will then begin to dry out as clear skies and hot temperatures return.

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