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Big Tyme Sportswear & Design Introduces Exclusive Beaver Mascot

The crew at Big Tyme want to introduce Beaverhead County to the new and improved version of The Beaverhead County mascot. At the request of Beaver fans, Big Tyme got to work, wanting to get away from the generic and cartoon-looking logos from the past. Their goal was to create a logo unique to Beaverhead County, that not everybody already had.

Employees Amanda Morton and Morgan McLaren, along with owner Andy Bartlome, took a different take on a beaver's head. They wanted it to have the beaver profile but also highlight Beaverhead County as the iconic place that it is. They used the scenic outline of the Pioneer Mountains to give the beaver's head depth, the Beaverhead River to separate the upper and lower part of the beaver's head, and the Beaverhead Valley as the lower portion of the head. The fresh, original take on the beaver emblem is sure to leave a lasting impression. Great job Big Tyme!

If you would like to get your hands on some new Beaver gear and help out the booster club, follow this link. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Booster Club also, Big Tyme Sportswear and Design will be selling merchandise in their store. Be sure to sport this creative design and show your hometown pride!


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