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Big Hole Valley Society Will Celebrate Release Of Volume II History Book At The Bookstore

The Big hole Valley Historical Society will be at The Bookstore on

Saturday, September 30th from 1:00-3:00 to celebrate the release of

Volume 2 of the history book. They will be signing copies of The Big

Hole Valley: Montana Pioneers, Families, Memories and Stories 1930-2000.

This book is dedicated to all those that have taken the time to share

their lives and memories of life in this beautiful, challenging valley.

The dedication goes further encouraging people to treasure the written

stories, diaries and letters they have in their families. They tell the

reader that they are in need of help to continue documenting, gathering

and researching stories as a continuation of the history books and

encourage people to join them on this rewarding journey.

Volume 2 is filled with history, stories and photos. It shows all the

ups and downs of living in a magnificent place, preserving this heritage

for future generations. The proceeds from the book sales are reserved

for a scholarship fund. Each year a $2000.00 scholarship is granted to

a deserving student from the Big Hole area to help them with continuing

education. The goal of the historical society is to give back, to

invest in the future of the area. Please join us in celebrating the

release of this long awaited volume. If you have any questions or would

like to reserve a copy please call 683-6807.

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