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Beavers Sting Yellow Jackets With A 41 To 3 Win (Full Picture Gallery)

The Dillon Beavers took on the Stevensville Yellowjackets Friday night at Vigilante Field. With a slow start to the first quarter the Beavers had a 6 to 3 lead over Stevensville. By halftime the Beavers were up 14 to 3.

The Beavers would come back to the field with a more focused drive and continue to use that throughout the rest of the game. Toward the end of the third quarter with a few seconds left on the board, at the Yellowjackets five yard line, Kale Konen would make a 95 yard run to score a touchdown. The Beavers would carry that momentum throughout the fourth quarter with a final score of 41 to 3.

(Click on picture for full image)

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