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Beaverhead Search & Rescue Derby Winners

The Beaverhead Search & Rescue held the 38th Annual Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby on Sunday, January 14th. Cold weather would not deter some 200 fishermen from trying their luck at catching the winning fish.   

Although this year’s numbers are lower than in the past the Search & Rescue sold 561 tickets to the derby. For those who did not want to brave the cold they could still try their luck at one of the many door prizes a ticket could win as well.

The temperatures on Sunday barely reached above zero but for those who stuck it out were able to participate in the 50/50 pot drawings they had three of those throughout the day as well as bringing their catch in to be weighed in hopes of making it on the leaderboard.

Those who won are:

A 1st - Chris Cotton--Butte, 5lb 6.9oz Rainbow, $400.00

2nd -Chuck (Griz) Clark--Dillon, 5lb 1.6oz Rainbow $200.00

3rd -Chuck (Griz) Clark--Dillon, 4lb 15.7oz Rainbow $100.00

4th -Jackson Crane--Bozeman, 4lb 13.6oz Rainbow $50.00


Adult Ling Contest

1st -Randy Norris—Dillon, 3lb. 11.4oz., $400.00

2nd -Jacob Semsak—Butte, 2lb. 12.7oz., $200.00

Kids Trout Contest

1st -Ripp Knudson—Dillon, 2lb. 15.9oz., Brown $75.00 Ripp is 4 years old and was very proud…..

There were no fish turned in for the Kids Ling Contest.

The Search & Rescue would like to thank those who helped sponsor the derby.


  • Car Quest-Bucket Set, Graycee Tibbele

  • Moto Logic-Winter Hat, Danielle Daman

  • John Deere-Sweatshirt, Trent Birge

  • Sports Ware & Design-T-Shirt, Anne Santos

  • Les Schwab-Severe Weather Kit, Sam Poczny

  • Car Quest-Hat, Will Staudenmyer

  • The Mini-$65 Gift Card, Jace Beard

  • Pivots Plus-Yard Sprinkler, Teeden Johnson

  • Patagonia-Hat, Jase B.

  • Town & Country Food-$50 Gift Card, Jase B.

  • Beaverhead Brewing Co.-Growler, Darion Hightower

  • Gyros Wagon-$20 Gift Card, Ed Malesich

  • Murdoch’s-Puffin, Martin Malesich

  • Car Quest-Sweatshirt Gift Set, Ryan Davis

  • DC Rental-$50 Gift Card, Matt Dove

  • Frontier Anglers-Hat, Josh Yeadon

  • Heather Shipman-Scentsy Gift Basket, Brian Walker

  • Duckworth-Crew Socks, Zach Brown

  • Murdoch’s-Puffin, Joe Ostemyer

  • Cranny’s-Black Velvet Whisky, Dave King

  • Car Quest-Hat, Kooper Klobucar

  • Performance Truck-1970 Chevy El Camino, Skip Carter

  • Stageline Pizza-$10 Gift Card, Wyatt Frandsen

  • Cranny’s-Hat, Don Copple

  • BVHD CO. Auto Parts-Heated Seat Pad, Vanessa Ryan

  • Patagonia-Straw Cup, Bucky Nelson

  • 3-D-Hat, Rocco Beccans

  • Rocky Mountain-Ice Gear Auto Tamer, Klause Rauser

  • Murdochs-Hydro Flask, Big Tyme

  • Amanda Bergeson-1 Hr Massage, Steve Damon

  • Black Rifle-Coffee Mug, Sherri Salyer

  • Sparky’s Garage-$25 Gift Card, Brody Henry

  • BVHD Motor Sports-Klim Mommoth Socks, Helen Duran

  • Shepherd’s Garage Inc-Hat, Tracy VanHorne

  • Dillon Medical-First Aid Kit, Irma Vazquez

  • Murdoch’s-Puffin, Don Erslie

  • Gyros Wagon-$20 Gift Card, Conrad McDougal

  • Vision Source-Dragon Sun Glasses, Molli Wall

  • DC Rental-$50 Gift Card, Kyle Rawson

  • Beaverhead Golf Course-2-9 Hole W/Cart, Jim Cusick

  • Beaverhead Motor Sports-Polaris T-Shirt, Heidi Bennett

  • Shepherd’s Garage Inc-Hat, Troy Buhr

  • Standard Lumber-2 Pack Tape Measures, Chuck Walker

  • Ghirardelli Chocolate, Josie Windauer

  • Murdoch’s-Hydro Flask, Will Martin

  • Pomp’s Tire Service-$75 Gift Card, Harper Clark

  • Murdoch’s-Puffin, Mike Jones

  • Beaverhead Motor Sports-Polaris T-Shirt, Justin Bair

  • Sparky’s Garage-$100 Gift Card, Eldon Wheekly

  • Dillon Liquor Store-$25 Gift Card, Jack McKey

  • Dillon Medical-First Aid Kit, Andy Tate

  • NV Salon-Revzel, Chad Rice

  • Intermountain Irrigation, $50 Cash, Joey Beers

  • Murdoch’s-Hydro Flask, Kevin Peterson

  • Beaverhead Motor Sports-Klim Socks, Kyra Todd

  • Pivots Plus-Hat, Seth Williams

  • Sparky’s Garage-$25 Gift Card, Darrell Smith

  • Way Point Church-$20 Gift Card Rocky MTN, Mike English

  • Shepherd’s Garage-Hat, Gisell High

  • Murdoch’s-Yeti Bucket, Paityn Tarter

  • Antlers Saloon-$50 Gift Card, Grady Tranthum

  • Auto Barn-Free Alignment, Cory Mertins

  • Dillon Collision-$100 Gift Card, Orlin Southwick

  • Anglers Village-$25 Gift Card, Jackie Howery

  • Fetty’s-$50 Gift Card, Tim Leeval

  • Beaverhead Motor Sports-Polaris Sweatshirt, Pat Lorensen

  • Subway-6” Sub, Teal Waltman

  • Sparky’s Garage-$25 Gift Card, Dan Pence

  • Murdoch’s-Hydro Flask, Kevin Arnaod

  • Sparky’s Garage-$50 Gift Card, Teresa Tollett

  • Way Point Church-$20 Gift Card Rocky Mtn, Rebecca Moore

  • 3-D-Hat, Carson Parta

  • Murdoch’s-Coffee Mug, James Jess

  • Montana Energy Alliance-Cast Iron Stove, Gary Ferris

  • Sparky’s Garage--$50 Gift Card, Ty Robertson

  • Polaris-Sweatshirt, Cody Tarter

  • Performance Trucks-1970 Chevy El Camino, Ken Scalzone

  • Dillon Medical-First Aid Kit, Bobby Conners

  • Subway-6” Sub, Micah Maxted

  • Big Sky Cinema-Movie Pass, Lynn Stonelake

  • Beaverhead Glass-Beveled Edge Mirror, Coty Ostemyer

  • Dillon Collision-$100 Gift Card, Traci Edwards

  • Shepherd’s Garage-Hat, Jeff Young

  • Badger Archery-Archery Target, R Cruz

  • Pintler Station-$30 off Oil Change, Renny Lawson

  • Salsas-$30 Gift Card, Abbi Hoerauf

  • Murdoch’s-Coffee Mug, Lonny Rand

  • N&N Ice Cream-$30 Gift Card, Katie Bump

  • LS Ready Mix-$50 Cash, Bryer Anderson

  • Murdoch’s-Yeti Bucket, Aaron Knudson

  • LS Ready Mix-$50 Cash, Bill Naly

  • N&N Ice Cream-Ross Hoyle

  • Town & Country-$50 Gift Card, Martin Malesich

  • Sparky’s Garage-$50 Gift Card, Sondra Rand

  • Subway-6” Sub, Dave Blank

  • Subway-6” Sub, Nancy Stiles

  • Sparky’s Garage-$25 Gift Card, Jack Winkle

  • N&N Ice Cream-$30 Gift Card, Travis Capp

  • NV Salon-Haircut with Kristy, Jon Hoerning

  • Subway-6” Sub, Robin Ellis

  • The Knotty Pine-Mug, Mike Tyler

  • G.O.’s Jerky Barn-Beef Nuggets, Joni Remely

  • G.O.’s Jerky Barn-Beef Jerky, Kirk Bergeson

  • G.O.’s Jerky Barn-Beef Jerky, Brian Remely

  • G.O.’s Jerky Barn-Salami & Cheese, Colton Harrison

  • Search & Rescue-$150 Cash, Alden Cashmor

maroon sweatshirt is the 1 st place trout, Griz is next to him on the left in the camo coat, and 4 th place trout is in the carhart coveralls, left end. Randy Norris, 1 st ling winner is in the Blue coat orange hat, and Jacob Semsak, 2 nd place ling, is on the right end, dark coat.

1 st -Ripp Knudson—Dillon, 2lb. 15.9oz., Brown $75.00 Ripp is 4 years old and was very proud…..

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