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Beaverhead Search And Rescue News

Submitted by: Mel Rice-Public Relations

The Beaverhead Search and Rescue held its April meeting on the evening of the 3rd.  The meeting was called to order by Vice Commander Shane Puyear at 7:05 PM.  It was a very short meeting with very few things to discuss.  Once again another month passes by without any incidents.  We must be saving up for that rainy day…    It was agreed to hold our annual camp out training June 7,8, and 9.  More info to come next month.  The membership discussed whether or not to have an auction this year.  After many viewpoints were expressed, a vote was taken and it was voted not to have an auction this year. 

The meeting adjourned around 7:40.  Equipment manager, Evan Helle, had a list of things he needed help with on equipment.  The rest of the evening was spent working on various projects. 

It looks like spring may be close.   We can only hope.  The weather this time of year can change in a hurry and may even be quite different from draw to draw out in the hills or from one side of the valley to the other.  Make sure you are properly prepared for different circumstances.   Take care out there!!  “In the Business of Saving Lives”, your Beaverhead Search and Rescue. 

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