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Beaverhead Maze & Pumpkin Patch Ask Public For Help In Identifying Vandals

In a social media post from The Beaverhead Maze and Pumpkin Patch on Halloween night between 8-9:30 P.M. a person or persons was responsible for destroying every single animatronics and also assaulting the scare actors. The full post reads below.

Looking for information in regards to the person or persons who came thru the haunted maze between 8-9:30pm this evening and damaged/destroyed every single animatronics in our maze and intentionally hit/kicked our scare actors . TIA

If you have any information and or may have seen these individuals please contact Nicole Hull at 406-579-7955.

Update The individuals responsible have been identified.

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This stunt not only puts on display the character of the individual (s) but anyone that's now in the know.

Perhaps friends, parents, even the justice system.

Destruction of private property is absolutely uncalled for. Assault on kids that were helping out, even more un-fathomable. I know one of the kids that were kicked, and speaking of character, he basically told me "its not about me, when these people damaged the maize, and kicked me and my friends, they hurt the whole community." I only hope the community will hold the guilty accountable.


Nov 01, 2021

People can be real a$$e$ when they think that they are unobserved!! Why can't people, kids or whom ever leave things alone and not destroy everything that they see??

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