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Beaverhead County LEPC Meeting Agenda

Beaverhead County LEPC Agenda
Monday, April 3, 2023 at 9:30am
Commissioners’ Room-County Courthouse

** All times are approximate**

9:30 A.M. Meeting Call to Order

• Approval of Minutes- March 6, 2023 Meeting

• Introductions

• Stakeholder Reports & Comments

• Public Comments & Questions

9:45 A.M. Update- Homeland Security Grant (HSG), Lima School Generator

9:50 A.M. Discussion- Red Cross, Shelly Creveling

10:05 A.M. Discussion -Continuity of Government, Review Annex

➢ Stakeholder Input on Procedures

10:30 A.M. Public Comments & Questions of Non-Agenda Items


NOTE: LEPC Meetings are subject to cancellation on short notice if an incident requires management

attention. Any cancellation notices will be sent via email.

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