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Beaverhead County LEPC 05/27/2021

Beaverhead County LEPC


Thursday, May 27, 2021 @ 7:00 P.M.

Commissioners’ Room-County Courthouse

*Due to COVID-19 Zoom attendance is also offered, please see the link below:

Meeting Call to Order


Committee Reports:

· DES- (Tom Wagenknecht)

1. Communications Update

2. Training

3. Review of EOP

· Public Health- (Sue Hansen)

1. Public Health Recovery Plan

a) Public Health as the Community

b) A High-level plan (framework)

c) Community recovery operations after a disaster

d) We will need to identify potential public health needs such as:

  • Restore services

  • Long-term follow-up to the affected population

  • Implement recommendations from the AAR

  • Ensure sustained, basic, and surge capacities

  • Address psychological needs

2. Access & Functional Needs (AFN)- Engage Stakeholders

  • Strengthen communications:

  • Preparedness and resilience

  • Stakeholder organization preparedness and continuity of operations

  • Stakeholder organization integration w/local emergency operations

3. Emergency Medical Countermeasure (EMC) Plan

a) Review & Update

b) Ensure response partners sign to agree on roles/responsibilities

Local Jurisdictions- (Participants)

Discussion about scheduling 6 regular LEPC meetings a year on the 3rd Thursday at 7:00pm (+ extra if needed for training, exercises, etc.) The proposed meetings shall be as follows:

1. July 15, 2021

2. September 9, 2021

3. November 18, 2021

4. January 20, 2022

5. March 17, 2022

6. May 19, 2022

Public Comments & Questions

Next LEPC Meeting


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