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Beaverhead County High School Going To Level III Instructional Plan

Beaverhead County High School Superintendent Gary Haverfield announced today Tuesday, Oct 13th that they would be implementing a Level III change in the school. Read below to see how this will impact you if you have a student attending BCHS.


Level III Change & Half PD Day Announcement

Good evening, this is Gary Haverfield, Superintendent at Beaverhead County High School with two important announcements regarding our Safe Schools plan and our next Professional Development half day for staff. The Beaverhead County High School Board of Trustees, at last night’s, October 12 regularly scheduled Board meeting followed the strong recommendation from the County Health Department to change from our current Level II instructional plan for students to our Level III plan of instruction, which is a blended model of live and online instruction.

In addition, as our staff prepares for our Level III plan, we are moving one of our later scheduled half PD days to this Wednesday morning October 14. On Wednesday, October 14 we were originally scheduled to get out of school at noon and now that we are preparing for Level III with our staff, students will not be attending school Wednesday morning October 14.

As already indicated on you school calendar students are not in school on Thursday & Friday October 15 &16 due to the MEA convention.

This PD day on October 14, which is a half day in the morning, will mean the following for parents & students

Students will not attend school on Wednesday October 14

Staff & Administrators will be participating in Professional Development from 8:00 – 12:00

The office will remain open all day

As we prepare for our Level III plan of instruction I will be sending out additional information to parents and students in the next day or two regarding our Level III plan. Our Level III plan of instruction will begin on Monday October 19. This is a blended model of instruction which means that students currently attending school live now will be attending school half time and online the other half time.

Schedule A: Students last name ending in A through Lar will attend school live on Monday & Wednesday. They will be attending school via our view Path system on Tuesday & Thursday

Schedule B: Students with last name ending Law through Z will attend school live on Tuesday & Thursday. They will be attending school via our view Path system on Monday & Wednesday

Friday’s schedule will be included in our Level III Plan, which will be posted to our website.

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