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Beaverhead County Enacts New Operational Procedures to Help Combat COVID-19

With the state wide shelter in place being enacted the Beaverhead County offices have new guidelines and operating procedures.

TO: Beaverhead County residents

FROM: Beaverhead County Commissioners

Per Beaverhead County elected officials and department heads, our offices will operate as follows:

Sheriff Office and Jail

Due to the threat of the Corona Virus, the entire courthouse has been closed to the public by the Beaverhead County Commissioners. This includes the Law Enforcement Annex. This closure is necessary to protect the health of the staff and inmates. If you need to speak to an Officer or a Deputy, please call the dispatch at 683-3700 or 683-3701. If an emergency exists, please call 911. Do not congregate in the vicinity the front door of the Law Enforcement Annex this just causes addition issues.

Both the Dillon Police Department and the Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Office continue to be at full staff, and we will respond to your needs. It may be via telephones, but we will respond. This includes those of you that are currently enrolled in the 24/7 programs. Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.


Commissioners are available by appointment only. 683-3750

Tom Rice: 925-0961

Mike McGinley: 925-0391

John Jackson: 660-1659

County attorney

Available by appointment. Please call 683-3730 or email

Clerk and Recorder

Effective from Monday, March 30th to April 10th, 2020 and due to the recent Executive Order from Governor Bullock it has been determined that the Clerk & Recorder’s Office will be limiting their hours from 8am until 12pm daily. Document recording will only be done by appointment or through our e e-recording process during those same hours. If you are needing a birth or death certificate, the applications can be found on our Beaverhead County website under the Clerk & Recorder’s Office. We will be available by telephone 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday—Friday.

Election Office

The Election Office will maintain their regular hours of 8am until 5pm by appointment or phone calls only. This will be effective from Monday, March 30th to April 10th, 2020.

Clerk of District Court

In order to serve you in the safest possible manner, the Clerk of District Court office will be operating under these strict guidelines.

  1. This office IS open for business but closed to walk-in traffic.

  2. Marriage Licenses will be issued by appointment only. Applicants are reminded of Governor Bullock’s “STAY-AT-HOME” directive issued on 3/26/20.

  3. Passport Issuance is by appointment only. Applicants are reminded of Governor Bullock’s “STAY-AT-HOME” directive issued on 3/26/20.

  4. All attorney filings shall be submitted via email or fax.

  5. Certified copies may be requested via email and mailed to you.

  6. Pro Se filings will be accepted via US Mail. Filings will be processed when fees or a notarized Affidavit of Indigence are submitted and approved by the Court.

  7. All child support, court fines/fees, and other court related payments shall be paid by, a cashier’s check, or money order and mailed to the Court. No Cash Payments!

  8. Per order of the Court, all Court hearings will be held via video or telephone.

For questions regarding the above procedures, please call (406) 683-3725 or email your question to

Environmental Health/Sanitation

The office is closed to face to face meetings. For land use Call 406-683-3770 or 406-596-1251 or email

Disaster and Emergency Services

Our staff will be operating the Beaverhead County Incident Command System jointly with Public Health during this crisis. This is a very busy time for us, please limit telephone calls to emergency only and use email! 406-596-1251,

Extension Office

The Extension Office will remain open for phone calls, emails, and by appointment. Appointments can be made using contact information below.

Office: 406-683-3785

Cell: 970-630-9216


Will be closed from March 30—April 10, 2020. Please leave messages at 683-3734.


Please call Tracy Sawyer at 683-3757 or 925-2212.

Justice Court

Court hearings are being held via video conference. Available by appointment only. Please call 683-3755. Leave message if no answer, we will return all calls as soon as possible.

Planning Office

Planning Office is closed for the next two weeks March 30th  to April 10th  All deadlines for subdivision and floodplains decisions have been suspended as per Governor Bullock Directive dated March 24th 2020.

Public Health

Available by appointment only. Please call 683-4771 or email

Solid Waste

Please call Larry Laknar at 925-9765. Landfill is open Monday –Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

Superintendent of Schools –The office is closed to face to face meetings. For assistance, please call 683-3737 or 925-1659 or send emails to during regular working hours. For submission of documents, please send by email or FAX to 683-3769. Educator Licenses will not be registered at this time. 


Our office will be closed for the Next 2 weeks, March 30, 2020 – April 12, 2020.

We will process on-line renewals and we also have a drop box on the Southside of the building

close to the main door on Center Street facing Pioneer Federal, daily. Contact information is: 683-5821 (telephone), 683-5693 (fax),

Road Department

Road crew employees are still working and maintaining roads. Dillon shop: 683-5561, Wisdom shop: 689-3281, Lima shop 276-3587. Messages can also be left at 683-3780.

Weed District

Weed District staff will be available by phone, email, and by appointment. Please contact us using the following:  

Amber Burch, Coordinator

Cell: 406-925-1346 (call or text)

Kara Maplethorpe, Assistant Coordinator

Cell: 715-681-0795

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