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Beaver JV Team Follows In Varsity Footsteps With A 14 To 4 Win Over Central

The Dillon Beavers JV Baseball team followed in the footsteps of the Varsity team Friday evening as they took on the Butte Central Maroons with a 14 to 4 win at Ray Lynch Park. In the first inning the Maroons would take the lead against the Beavers four to two. The Beavers would come back in the second to score four and hold the Maroons at only four runs throughout the rest of the game.

VanHorne, Bartlome, Lagunas, Sitton, and J. Alvarez all lead with runs scoring two each. You can catch both the Junior Varsity and Varsity home games today starting at 11 A.M. at Ray Lynch Park.

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