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BCHS Speech And Drama Team Take Divisional Championship

  • Amelia Pflieger-Currey - 1st place dramatic solo and 1st place dramatic theatre

  • Cayenne McCabe - 1st place humorous solo and 1st place dramatic theatre

  • Alexie Navarrette - 2nd place dramatic solo

  • Brooke Freeman - 2nd place dramatic theatre and 3rd place humorous theatre

  • Ellamay Bellis - 2nd place dramatic theatre and 3rd place humorous theatre

  • Emily Lopez - 2nd place dramatic theatre

  • Kaycee Pilon - 3rd place dramatic solo

  • Leah Kenealy - 6th place humorous solo

  • Lexie Lopez - 2nd place dramatic theatre

  • Lilla Guiberson - 7th place impromptu

Every group contributed to our team win this weekend.  In order to win as a team, you need score enough in sweeps.  Points are totaled by place wins and how many participants you have in each event.  For example, 1st place scores 10 points, 2nd scores 8 points, 3rd scores 6 points, 4th scores 4 points, 5th scores 2 points and 6-8 score 1 point.  Extra points are given for having multiple participants in the same event.   The more events you have the greater the chance of scoring more points.

There are 4 rounds at divisionals.  Each round is scored and the the top 8 move on to the final round.  The top 12 in each event advance to state.  There will be 24 competitors in each event at state.  The East side will bring some tough competition.  State is designed a bit differently.  It's a two-day event. There are 4 rounds on Friday and 3 rounds on Saturday.  It will be harder to advance but our team is solid, passionate and ready to bring home some more hardware.

We had 8 entries in drama with multiple kids being double entered (in more than one event).  As you can see above, we placed high in all drama events.  We outscored Corvallis by 2 points.  They also had 8 entries in drama but did not place high enough to score more points.  Their coach did try and add a random entry in classical drama to earn some more points, which is a bit shady, but it didn't end up helping him. Corvallis has been the powerhouse in drama for a while now and it felt good to dethrone them.

There were 13 teams in attendance with 161 competitors (179 entries in 17 events). 

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