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BCHS Class of 2020 Graduation Plan

Updated May 19, Graduation Plan 2020 Vigilante Stadium

  • Rehearsal Day Thursday May 21, 2:30-3:30 PM

  • Students will receive their masks and enter the football practice field and be placed in lines maintaining Social Distancing (6 feet apart).

  • Students will enter the stadium from the left and right through the gates to the practice field and into the grandstands by rows. (They will have maps of the seating and lineups in their emails before the 21st .

  • Once seated students will be taken through the ceremony step by step

  • Students will then walk through receiving diplomas and returning to their seats.

  • Practice as many times as necessary to get it right and safe.

  • There will be a link to view the Baccalaureate by Saturday at 7:00PM at Southwestern Montana News

  • We will distribute the maps of the football field where their families will sit for the commencement upon completion of rehearsal Graduation Day Sunday May 24th 1:00 PM

  • Graduation will be streamed live on Southwestern Montana News

  • Graduation will also be streamed live on the NFHS Network sign up for a free account

  • Students arrive to get lined up (6 feet apart)

  • Graduation Photo 1:20 you must be there on time to be in it. WE WILL NOT WAIT

  • Families of seniors may bring up to 5 guests per graduate.

  • Families (groups) also arrive to go to their seating area with camping chairs on schedule by seating area to maintain social distancing (6 feet apart) when moving to seats. Schedule and seating maps to be posted on BCHS website on Monday May 18th .

  • 2:00 PM ceremony begins rain or shine

  • If the weather is bad we will do an abbreviated ceremony speeches to be included in the online version.

  • Ceremony complete; families remain seated, students move back out the gates to the practice field and load on trailers for parade down Labor Day route. with 6 feet distancing

  • Families released by seating area again to avoid a crowd on departure 6 feet social distancing will be maintained

  • Pictures of graduation will be available from Will Hampton After graduation, weather allowing

  • Parade takes place as approved by the Mayor and Mr. Hazelbaker

  • Flatbeds 6 to 8 students per trailer seated on straw bales. (Thanks to Travis Welborn for the straw and all the families supplying trailers, trucks and drivers.)

  • Social distancing must be maintained. No congregation will be allowed between family groups.

  • Line up at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning starting on Spruce and continuing left on center street to the practice field.

  • Center street at the practice field going east o Right turn on Nelson then right turn on Glendale

  • Right turn on Atlantic then left on Helena

  • Left Turn onto Idaho then right onto Reeder

  • Right Turn on Montana to Right on Helena

  • Return to Thompson Ave and drop off students at BW Lodge. Social distancing must be maintained.


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