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BCHS Class Of 1969 Donates New Beaver Mascot

Friday night the Class of 1969 would like to present the BCHS with a new taxidermy Beaver for the B.W. Lodge Gym Lobby. The BCHS alums would like to dedicate and donate the Beaver, symbolizing the school’s mascot.

The original Beaver, located in the gym’s lobby for 50 years, was donated to the school in 1969 by the DeLeon brothers, Dan, Class of 1969 and Jack, Class of 1971. The beaver had been trapped on the Big Hole River by their older brother, Nick, Class of 1967.

During a tour of BCHS during the Class of 1969’s 50th Reunion, it was noted that the original Beaver had deteriorated due to age and UV light damage. The class agreed that it needed a face lift. The Class paid to have the Beaver revived and renovated and put in a new UV resistant glass case to again grace the lobby of the Lodge Gym.

The new Beaver is mounted on the original log used in the DeLeon mount. The new mount includes the original plaques and one new plaque. Taxidermy work was done by Tyler Barnes of Hunter Taxidermy of Dillon.

The large evergreen tree on the west side of the main entrance to the B.W. Lodge Gym was also donated by the Class of 1969.   A new bronze memorial plaque, rededicated in June 2021, is placed at the foot of the tree to honor Phil Hawkins, Tom Mooney and Ray Rebich, three Class of ‘69 classmates killed during their senior year.

The tiny tree planted in 1969 has grown to the stately giant that beautifully adorns the building and honors their memory.

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