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BCHS Academic Olympic Team Places First At Southwest Montana Championship

Team A of Sean, Laura, Izzy, Hunter, and Athan went undefeated and won 1st place - beating Missoula Sentinel in the championship!  They have a big traveling trophy and plaque to show for it - along with gifts coming from the MSU Bookstore!

Team B of Olivette, Zoe, Danner, Brekken and Lilla took one early loss but then battled back through many matches to take 6th place - losing by just a few points.

Team C of Emma, Darrell, Clara, and Amelia (had to run short one player) but they were one of the only 'C' teams to stay in the tournament as long as they did - losing to Manhattan and then to our own B team.  They were a younger team and not as experienced with competition but really did an outstanding job!

It was great to see all these students equally contributing to the success of the day!

We brought home multiple written test awards also:

  • Olivette - 4th top score senior and 4th top overall (out of about 200 students)

  • Laura - 5th top senior and 5th overall

  • Zoe- 6th senior and 7th overall

  • Brekken - 2nd Sophomore and 9th overall

  • Hunter- 3rd Sophomore and 11th overall

  • Izzy - 5th Sophomore and 13th overall-tie with Amelia

  • Amelia - 2nd  Freshman  and 13th overall- tie with Izzy

  • Athan - 5th Freshman

 We had 9 people who scored in the top 20: Olivette, Laura, Zoe, Brekken, Hunter, Amelia, Izzy, Sean and Danner

And finally - I was so impressed when, after all the awards were handed out, the coordinators of the tournament awarded 'Mr. Congeniality' to our very own Sean Regan!  They said that every judge commented on how polite he was to everyone - quick to give thanks and shake everyone's hands, etc.  

Our kids truly represented BCHS with good character, great respect and excellence!  Thank you for the role you all play in making this possible!

Thank you Janet Gentry for the heads up on this accomplishment and congratulations to the BCHS Academic Olympic Teams.

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