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Badger Archery Hosts NFAA Archery Tournament

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Badger Archery will be host today and tomorrow for the NFAA virtual archery state shoot.

Badger Archery owner Sarah Pfister stated:

“Probably the first and only time the shoot will be held this way. Due to COVID restrictions they went with this style of a platform.”

Archers compete in three groups consisting of Traditional, Bowhunter, and Freestyle. Archers will have a total of 5 arrows to shoot each round and will shoot a total of twelve rounds. Each round is timed with the archer getting up to 4 minutes to shoot their five arrows.

The tournament is being held across the state of Montana with eight locations hosting it virtually, most will be shooting today and tomorrow with a few holding the virtual tournament next week. With around ninety people signed up across the state this is a great way to see where your skills rank with other competitive archers in the state of Montana.

We will post the Dillon Scores as soon as they are available.

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