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ATV Driver Dies Following Collision On Highway 278

On Monday, August 7th a 44-year-old man was driving west on secondary highway 278 when he witnessed a man on a ATV. According to the Montana Highway Patrol report, the 44-year-old perceived the ATV driver to be a threat and swerved to avoid him, at this time the ATV went into the path of 44-year-old.

The man hit the ATV on the shoulder of the road and the 21 year-old driver of the ATV was pronounced dead at the scene.

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How is a ATV a threat to a semi on a long strech road? ... dont we slow down to avoid collision? I guess we just plow into people now? And how does a semi swerve to avoid but still hits a atv on the shoulder??? Semis don't swerve to shoulder. Did he not slow down or see him? This story sounds dumb and is wrong.

Jeremy Crawford
Jeremy Crawford
Aug 09, 2023
Replying to

This is the information released by the highway patrol. Some news agencies stated it was a Ford truck. We have chosen to go with the first information provided at the time. As more information becomes available, we will update the article.

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