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Alder Creek & Trail Creek Fire Update 07/18/2021

Alder Creek

Current Size: 4,136 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Location: 7 miles west of Wise River, MT

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 287

Engines: 13

Hand crews: 6

While there is little growth to the west, the fire continues to

spread to the east and south. Protecting homes and structures remains the main

priority. Crews will continue structural protection efforts today along Hwy 43 and

the Pioneer Byway by manning pumps, patrolling with engines and posting

lookouts to watch the fire throughout the day. As the fire approaches Hwy 43 and

the Pioneer Byway, crews will utilize strategic firing operations as needed to

eliminate unburned fuel between the main fire and resources at risk. The Sheriff’s

Department will keep all evacuations in place through the weekend given the

existing weather conditions

Trail Creek

Current Size: 19,848 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Location: 20 miles west of Wisdom, MT

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 147

Engines: 4

Hand Crews: 2

The majority of fire growth continues to be towards the east and

southeast. Crews on the east side of the fire are working to protect structures

along the Hwy 43 corridor to the east, with emphasis around the Big Hole National

Battlefield and private property south of Hwy 43. Crews on the west side of the

fire are focused on preventing the fire from crossing the Continental Divide. Fire

spread to the north is being slowed by the Rat Fire scar while growth to the south

is being slowed by the Blackwall fire scar.


Sunday will be another warm, dry and sunny day. Above normal temperatures, low

relative humidity and afternoon winds may provide for growth of both the Alder

Creek and Trail Creek fires.

Temp: 82-87

Humidity: 10-13%

Wind: WSW 5-10 mph, with gusts up to 20 mph in the afternoon.


• Hwy 43 has been intermittingly opening and closing depending on fire

conditions. Please check the Montana DOT website: Road

Report. for current status

• Continental Divide Trail: Closed from Montana/Idaho Boarder NW to Chief

Joseph Pass and NE to Trail 3062.

• Big Hole National Battlefield is closed until further notice.

• Forest Closure orders are in effect for both fires. Visit the Closure Section on the

Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest website for specific information.

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