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Alder Creek, Trail Creek, & Christensen Fire Update 07/24/2021

Alder Creek

Current Size: 6,831 Acres

Current Containment: 7%

Location: 7 miles west of Wise River, MT

Start Date: July 8, 2021

Cause: Unknown

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 312

Engines: 16

Hand crews: 6

Alder Creek Fire: Fire activity picked up Friday due to high winds and low

humidity. Fire was active in the upper Alder Creek and Deno Creek drainages and

crews will be working in those areas today. Today, crews are focused on

improving containment lines and protecting structures. Today has the potential

for increased fire activity due to the higher temperature and lower humidity.

Increased smoke is expected to be visible today.

Trail Creek

Current Size: 26,539 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Location: 20 miles west of Wisdom, MT

Start Date: July 8, 2021

Cause: Lightning

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 147

Engines: 4

Hand Crews: 4

Trail Creek Fire: On Friday there was increased fire activity in several areas

including Battle Mountain and Foothills Road area. Firefighters completed a

shaded fuel break 300 feet wide along 5 miles of the Anderson Road. Crews are

camped out and working along the Continental Divide to keep the fire on

Montana side of state border. Firefighters are also in the community of

Gibbonsville continuing to enhance structure protection.


Current Size: 382 Acres

Current Containment: 0%

Location: 12 miles west of Wise River, MT

Start Date: July 16, 2021

Cause: Unknown

Resources Assigned:

Total personnel: 7

Engines: 2

Hand Crews:

Christensen Fire: Fire activity picked up on Friday expanding the fire size. The

fire will continue to burn to the south and east backing towards Toomey

drainage. There is potential for the fire to spot across Toomey creek. Firefighters

are identifying control lines using old roads and natural features such as creeks

and old fire scars. Engines assigned to fire will continue structure contingency

planning for homes along Hwy. 43 corridor.

WEATHER: Drier and warmer conditions are expected across southwest Montana

today. Winds are expected to be terrain driven with a few gusts in the afternoon

and evening. Minimum relative humidity values will dip to 10 percent or less.

Westerly daytime winds will likely develop and may gust to around 15-20 mph in

the afternoon. Precipitation is not likely through the weekend.

Temp: Max 85 F; Humidity: 8-17%

Wind: West 5-10 mph with gusts up to 15-20 mph in the afternoon.


• Hwy 43 has been intermittently opened and closed depending on fire

conditions. Please check the Montana DOT Road Report website: for current status.

• Continental Divide Trail: Closed from Lemhi Pass north to Schultz Saddle (north

of Chief Joseph Pass).

• Big Hole National Battlefield is closed until further notice. North and South Van

Houten, Miner Lakes, Twin Lakes and May Creek Campgrounds are closed.

• Forest Closure orders are in effect for all three fires. Visit the Closure Section

on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF and Salmon-Challis NF websites for specifics.


Interagency fire management officials in southwestern Montana enacted

Stage II fire restrictions at midnight, Friday, July 23, 2021. Up to date fire

restriction information and a web-based map can be found at:

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