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Advanced CT Imaging At Barrett Hospital & HealthCare With New CT Scanner

Barrett Hospital & HealthCare has installed a new Siemens Healthineers tablet-based CT scanner. Siemens’ SOMATOM® go.Top system allows the hospital to perform AI-powered scan automation and advanced CT procedures. Diagnostic accuracy is enhanced by providing doctors and patients with additional diagnostic information. A gentle patient experience, high-quality images, and low radiation levels make the SOMATOM go.Top CT system the ideal choice for pediatric and adult patients.

The CT system can be operated with a touch-screen tablet and/or remote control, allowing

technologists to be near the patient during exam preparation. Particularly for children and

patients with mobility challenges who need additional support, this can greatly improve the

patient experience. Furthermore, SOMATOM go.Top features automated technology that

simplifies the process of selecting the appropriate radiation dose for different patient

populations. Also, it is equipped with Siemens' latest Tin Filter Technology for optimizing the

radiation dose. By combining these two measures, a wide range of routine imaging procedures can be made less radiation-intensive for patients.

"Patients are our utmost priority at Barrett Hospital & HealthCare," says Carolyn Hansen, Chief

Clinical Officer. “We recognize that healthcare technology will forever be changing and

advancing, and we carefully considered which CT system would provide the best possible

experience for our patients and equip doctors with the information they need to deliver quality care.”

Using patient-centric technology and workflows, SOMATOM go. optimizes patient care. Top

provides high-quality, consistent imaging results in all areas of hospital imaging, including

cardiac and coronary artery imaging, and low-dose pediatric imaging. SOMATOM go.Top also

offers features that can reduce imaging artifacts from implanted devices, such as knee and hip

implants and dental fillings, which can further improve image quality.

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