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A Fun New Addition To Our Line Up And A Great Way To Bring You The News

When I started Southwestern Montanan News one of the things I wanted to do was incorporate a lot of video into the platform I was using. We started with live streaming city council meetings and important updates that where happening with the COVID-19 crisis. We would throw in some video with our weekend rundowns, and we introduced you guys to Debbie Reads. With the slow down of our ways of life and having most businesses shut down, this gave me the time to work with some people and put together a project I have wanted to do from the start.

Today I am proud to introduce our weekly show we will be rolling out, We will be doing a rundown of some news, some humor pieces, movie reviews, sports, and a top ten. As the show grows, we will grow with it. We hope you enjoy our pilot episode as much as we enjoyed making it.


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