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5th Annual Beaverhead Marathon Draws Runners From Across The US

Saturday, May14th was the 5th annual Beaverhead Marathon, hosted by the Montana Running Company. The annual marathon draws runners from across the United States as they take in the views the valley has to offer. The full marathon starts at the Horse Prairie Camp ground at Clark Canyon reservoir. and follows the Beaverhead River towards Dillon.

The half marathon starts at the turn to the old Montaqua bottling facility, follows the Beaverhead River to Barrett's Park then runners take the old stage road towards town. Both marathons finish at the Beaverhead brewing Company.

This years runners had cloudy skies and a nice cool temperature to help keep them from getting overheated.

The results of this years race are as follows:

Female- Beaverhead Marathon

1. Claire Sirmon 3:34:24

2. Hannah Wright 4:32:57

3. Michelle Freeman 5:17:35

Male- Beaverhead Marathon

1. Aaron Withers 2:37:10

2. John Todd 3:28:32

3. Carey Patrick Wertz 3:31:47

Female- Beaverhead Half Marathon

1. Kelsey Zitzer 1:21:38

2. Jennifer Claffey 1:32:57

3. Kassie Kidrick 1:44:01

Male- Beaverhead Half Marathon

1. Micahel Wiggins 1:36:32

2. Jackson Cox 1:56:59

3. Steffan Wilcox 1:58:29

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