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3 Rivers Arena Club 2023 NFR Dream Team Jackpot

It’s time to pick your dream team for the 2023 NFR Jackpot. Attached are the entry form and contestant list – please remember that the #1 ranked contestant is worth 15 points in the jackpot and just goes down from there – you can only have a total of 65 points for your dream team! Teams and entry fees are due by Friday, November 24! Last year we had a record setting 254 teams in the jackpot so spread the word.

$35 entry fee per team ($10 of fee goes to 3 Rivers Arena Club)

• $10 goes towards overall teams on the points of all ten rounds and the average

o Example; if 200 entries are received, it would pay $800 to win the average; we will pay four places up to 200 entries and one additional place for over 200 entries

• $10 goes towards paying off the top two teams for each of the ten rounds

o Example: if 200 entries are received, each round will pay $120 and $80

• $5 will be jackpotted for the average

o Example: if 200 entries are received the average will pay 1st- $400, 2nd- $300, 3rd- $200 and 4th- $100

• Go to under “world standings” and pick a contestant from each event. Barrel racers can be found at Or use the attached list we have compiled for you!

• You may use up to, but not more than 65 points. The rank/point formula for contestants is posted below – the higher the ranking, the more points they cost! We have listed contestants from 1st to 15th place. Headers are used for the team roping but we did list who they are roping with.

• Points awarded for each round are 1st place – 7 points, 2nd place - 5 points, 3rd place - 3 points and 4th place – 1 point. Points for the average will be worth double. For example, if your barrel racer ends up 4th in the average, that would equal 2 points rather than one point.

• Please keep track of your points. In case of a tie, the combination of the placing totals will be divided equally: Ex– Stetson Wright, Ryder Wright and Chase Brooks tie for first place. The total for those places would equal 15 points (1st, 2nd & 3rd place points added together) and would be divided three ways. If you had one of these contestants, you would receive 5 points.

• You must choose one contestant from EACH event and you can enter as many teams as you’d like.

• If one of your contestants is injured prior to the NFR and unable to compete, we will replace the injured contestant with the 15th ranked contestant going into the NFR unless we hear from you prior to the start of the NFR. If one of your contestants is injured during the NFR, you will be out that person and receive zero points for the round(s) he or she is out.

• We are using a computer program to tally results and we NEED email addresses if you wish to receive the results and we will be updating round winners on our Facebook page at 3 Rivers Arena Club.

• If you have questions, please call Tracey Pearce @ 406-596-1117 or Becky Kington @ 406-792-6550

• Round 1 begins Thursday, December 7.

• Breakaway and Steer Tripping are not included in this contest as they are not a part of the NFR telecast for each of the 10 rounds.

See full rules and events here

2023 NFR Events (1)
Download PDF • 697KB

2023 NFR Entry Form
Download PDF • 182KB

Here’s a look back at 2023 Madison County Youth Rodeo sponsored by the 3 Rivers Arena Club. We set new records there with 80+ kiddos competing through fog, heat, and a pretty good thunderstorm at the end! Proceeds from this jackpot help 3RAC purchase prizes for the event and to give out scholarships to local rodeo kids working to improve in the sport.

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