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2024 Rural Schools Science Fair Results

The 2024 Rural Schools Science Fair was held Friday, March 8, at the Keltz Arena on the campus of the University of Montana Western. Elementary school students from nine area rural schools presented some 65 science projects in categories ranging from Chemical to Young Inventor. The students were also divided along age/grade groups.

On behalf of all the students, teachers, and families involved, this year’s Director Teresa Murdoch of Alder offered her great thanks to the volunteer judges who visited with the students during the morning’s presentations. Many were veterans of past fairs, while others took part for the first time.

Awards were presented to the top three ‘scientists’ in each category and age group.

In the Chemical Division, the following awards were presented:

Kindergarten: 1) Fox Cottingham (Wisdom); 2) Zoey Larson (Wise River); 3) Daniel Gooch (Alder).

Grades 1-2: 1) Oliva Rix (Reichle); 2) Evan Smail (Alder); 3) Billie Sue Ingram (Alder).

Grades 3-4: 1) Madison Speer (Divide); 2) Ally Tarter (Reichle); 3) Oliver Stevenson (Wisdom).

Grades 5-6: 1) Baylee White (Reichle); 2) Kooper Stevenson (Wisdom); 3) Aliyah Apland (Divide).

Grades 7-8: 1) Lilly Cote (Divide); 2) Sidney Hansen (Polaris).

In the Biology Division,

Kindergarten: 1) Addi Anderson (Wise River)

Grades 1-2: 1) Lyla Linch & Jon Barber (Melrose).

Grades 5-6: 1) Fowler Cottingham (Wisdom); 2) Wylie Heiland (Wisdom).

In the Earth/Space Division,

Kindergarten: 1) Eowyn Thompson (Alder); 2) Lewis Tash & Mitchell Hansen (Polaris); 3) Ava Welch (Wise River).

Grades 1-2: 1) Lariah Smith (Grant).

Grades 3-4: 1) Thatcher Reis (Grant); 2) Luke Schmidlin (Grant); 3) Kimber Rose Anderson (Wise River).

Grades 5-6: Rafe Mattison (Reichle); 2) Cody Ellis (Alder).

In the Life Science Division,

Grades 1-2: 1) Abrielle Mayer (Alder).

Grades 5-6: 1) Kristian Reiber (Reichle); 2) a tie between Regan Reiber & Paityn Tarter (Reichle); 3) Lily Beebe (Alder).

Grades 7-8: 1) Kingston Hansen (Polaris); 2) Cameron Breitzman (Divide).

In the Physical Science Division,

Kindergarten: 1) Jacky Kelly & Abigial Pierce (Reichle); 2) Anna Reeves (Alder); 3) Emi Calton (Wisdom).

Grades 1-2; 1) Daniel Spillane (Grant); 2) Josephine Koehler (Alder); 3) Sam Gilman (Alder).

Grades 3-4: 1) Maverick Beebe (Alder) 2) Jeff Rhoades (Reichle); 3) Tabor Calton (Wisdom).

Grades 5-6: 1) Tyler Lyndes (Wisdom); 2) Madalyn Ellis (Alder).

In the Young Inventor Division,

Grades 1-2: 1) Walker Montana (Wise River).

Grades 3-4: 1) Riker Malkovich (Jackson).

Grades 5-6: 1) Zophia Diaz (Wisdom).

Grades 7-8: 1) Travee Carpenter (Divide)

In the Technology Division,

Grades 6-7: 1) Zaiden Laurie (Wisdom).

The teachers from Alder including Mrs. Murdoch, Skiela Eggers and Savannah Rossitor also wished to thank the Challenge cadets for setting up the tables and chairs, UMW Athletic Director Michael Feuling, Becky Stuart, the Director of Campus Events and Conferences at Montana Western, Beaverhead Ambulance, Vigilante Electric, and Debbie Sporich from the Bookstore.

Thank you Debbie for the photos

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