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17 Homes In Alder Creek Being Evacuated

We have received a text from the NIXLE system stating The Beaverhead County Sherriff are evacuating all homes in Alder Creek.

The message reads:

As of 7/14/2021 the Beaverhead County Sheriff's Office have evacuated 8 houses from Alder Creek road to MM 62. Currently all of Alder Creek will be evacuated today. The Deputy is notifying residents of the 17 homes located in the area.

Instructions: For any questions or concerns, contact BCSO at 406-683-3700

Alert Details

Severity: Moderate - Possible threat to life or property Urgency: Immediate - Responsive action SHOULD be taken immediately Certainty: Likely (p > ~50%) Category: FIRE: Fire suppression and rescue Event Description: Forest Fire

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