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100 Things to Do in Montana Before you Die

Montana author, Susie Wall will be signing copies of her new book, 100 Things to

do in Montana Before you Die at The Bookstore on Saturday, June 15 th from 1:00-

3:00. Please join this writer and road trip aficionado as she takes us on a journey

across her beloved Montana.

From the towering western mountains to the rolling eastern plains, Montana’s

wide-open landscapes feature vast wilderness, quaint small towns, and

fascinating historical sites. To best explore this wild and wonderful place, bring

along a copy of this book and never be lost for things to discover in Big Sky


Experience Montana’s storied past as you dig for dinosaur bones in Bynum and

admire prehistoric art at Pictograph Cave State Park. Get your adrenaline fix riding

the rapids through the Alberton Gorge. Dance the night away at the Montana Folk

Festival. Find solitude on a winter hike in Glacier National Park or a slow paddle

down the Clearwater Canoe Trail. Then reminisce about all the day’s adventures

over a glass of locally produced fruit wine or a pint from Montana’s numerous

craft breweries.

Susie Wall writes from her home in Missoula, Montana. Her parents instilled in

her a love of travel and exploration during many family road trips and Sunday

drives. Once she outgrew her propensity for car sickness, there was no looking

back. After many years spent living in Oklahoma, Florida, and Colorado, Susie and

her husband, Dave, drove across the country looking for a forever home in 2007.

Thirty states and six months later, Montana won by a landslide. Susie’s writing

and photography have appeared in many state and national publications. Her

boundless curiosity has led her to write about a variety of topics from food to

farming to scat identification, but her favorite subjects continue to be the

captivating people and places of Montana. If you have questions or would like to

reserve your copy please call 683-6807.

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