The Full Story On The Mechanical Bull Riding

CEO of the MBRWC sent us a rundown of what the Bull riding event is, how they got started, and why they will be in Dillon this weekend for Dillon Days.

Mechanical Bull Riders LLC was established in 2019 to provide an opportunity for those willing and able from around the world to ride mechanical bulls in competition and be in a position to compete for the Mechanical Bull Riders World Championship (MBRWC). Our foundation has four principles: 1) The event connects America, 2) The event is open to the world, 3) All riders compete together in one division, and 4) Everyone involved benefits.

In 1980 an iconic hit movie, Urban Cowboy, made mechanical bull riding popular. On August 24, 2019 Mechanical Bull Riders LLC gave it a purpose with the Mechanical Bull Riders World Championship at the Harvester Restaurant-Lounge in Spangle, Washington just south of Spokane. After much research we concluded riders could come from almost anywhere and be equally competitive. So we decided the competition would be A ONE HANDED ENDURANCE RIDE TIMED EVENT open to the world for all riders, 18 and over, who would compete together.

The riders came from various walks of life to put it on the line knowing no matter what their history or background they were going to compete for a world championship. Two women and eight men made it to the final round of 10. The suspense built as Laura Moore took the lead with two riders remaining. Who would win an event requiring strength, balance, focus, perception and reaction, endurance, and raw determination. Mitch Chandler, the leading rider coming into the final round, was last to go. His ride looked good but he got bucked off just short of Moore’s 57 second time.

Laura Moore, an equestrian coach at Washington State University, won the Mechanical Bull Riders World Championship taking home $4,480 and the first place buckle. Mitch Chandler finished second, Cade Hartley third and Kyla Gabriel fourth. Two women finished in the top four. A new exciting, dramatic, action packed event was on line to spread around the world.

Then along came the coronavirus pandemic and life changed for all of us. Some events have been cancelled but the Rocky Mountain Regional is still on for July 24th & 25th in Dillon, Montana. Mechanical Bull Riders World Championship updates will be announced soon. For details please refer to our website:

Thank You Very Much,

George S. Chicha, CEO Mechanical Bull Riders


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