Meet and Learn About Livestock Guardian Dogs at The Elks

Have you ever been driving down one of the many dirt roads around Montana and Noticed a big white dog watching the sheep or livestock? Those dogs are a special type of dog that spend countless hours guarding livestock. Livestock Guard Dogs will be hosted by People and Carnivores and Blackleaf Guardians, this Tuesday February the 18th, at the Elks Lodge.

The event is described as follows. Ranching in a landscape with grizzlies, wolves, mountain lions, and coyotes can present challenges for livestock producers. Come meet and learn about Livestock Guard Dogs and how they are helping ranchers protect livestock and reduce the risk of conflict with large carnivores. People and Carnivores has teamed up with Blackleaf Guardians to offer an informational presentation on Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) and other proactive measures to reduce losses to predators. We will be discussing LGDS protecting all classes of livestock: sheep, goats, cattle, chickens, and even farmstead guard dogs.

Blackleaf Guardians will

  1. Share their experience ranching on the Eastern Rocky Mountain Front amongst dense carnivore populations

  2. Discuss different breeds of LGDs and different methods for protecting livestock

  3. Facilitate a question/answer session (current LGD users are encouraged to share their own experiences)

  4. Show you four LGD breeds and some puppies in training!

Meeting is free and open to the public. Snacks and beverages will be provided. For more information, contact Kim Johnston, 406-599-9424.

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