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It's Back Dillon “Cruisin’ Out Of Seclusion”

DILLON: are you ready for “Cruisin ’Out Of Seclusion” this Friday night, May 1, 2020 at 7:00 P.M? We are changing the theme of the “Cruise” this week to honor our 2020 Dillon Graduates: DMS 8th graders, BCHS Seniors, UM Western Seniors, and Montana Youth Challenge who have missed out on many special memories during their senior year.

We will be using the same “Cruise” route: from the Chamber of Commerce down Montana Street to the stop light, turning right on Helena to the three way stop, turning around in the High School gym parking lot, back out on Helena to the stop light, down Montana Street to the Chamber parking lot. Join the “Cruise” at any point along the route. Don’t stop after just one loop let’s keep this thing going for at least 45 minutes.

It would be cool to have car windows painted in your school colors and decorated in honor of a graduate you want to recognize. Make signs to hold out vehicle windows, stick on your cars, dress up in school colors, etc. So let’s get all you graduates, families, and friends out for a night of “Cruisin” to honor these special individuals and let them know they have not been forgotten.

Last week’s cruise was a blast and your generous donations to the Dillon Food Bank and Love INC. were amazing. In case you missed last week and would still like to donate to those causes, we will have the tubs out in the BW Lodge parking lot.

We want to hear horns, noise makers, and see lots of decorated cars and people! Cruise and wave/honk, display your signs for our GRADUATES while still maintaining social distancing by Not getting out of your cars. Come on Dillon lets have some fun with this…


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