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Dillon Fiddle Contest Happening at the Old Depot Theater

Starting today and running into tomorrow the Old Depot Theater will be the host of the Dillon Fiddle Contest. Presented by the Dillon Junior Fiddlers, the contest will host both adult and kids competitions as well as a variety show Saturday night starting at 7pm.

The contest begin each day at 9 am, and will run most of the day. Youth contestants compete in three age categories, Peewee, Junior-Junior, and Junior. The adults compete in the general or championship division decided by the first round of play. Judges for the event include Tiffany Boucher and Lilly Platts, both women are former Montana State Fiddle champions.

The variety show will have both judges playing as well as many other talented artist. If you would like to attend the variety show tonight at 7 pm tickets are $5 at the door. If you would like to go check out the competition tickets are $10 and put you in a drawing for some prizes.

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