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Community Affairs Committee Holds Dillon History Days Planning Meeting.

What is the Community Affairs Committee? A group of citizens whose mission statement is as follows:

The overall mission of the Dillon Community Affairs Committee (DCAC) will be to serve the city by assisting its businesses, homeowners, churches, service organizations, and overall community by promoting community involvement. The DCAC will prioritize working with existing organizations and efforts to strengthen rather than duplicate valuable community resources and effort. Where appropriate, the DCAC may hold events in the community to achieve the objectives of the committee. Committee members include Russ Schwandt, Bill Shafer, Raymond Graham, Stacey Roundy, Candi Whitworth, Debbie Sporich, Stan Smith, Mitch Staley, and brenda Womack. Today's meeting was centered around plans for a tourism grant to help fund a new event Dillon History Days.

The first annual Dillon History Days will be held on July 24th and run through July 26th. The event will be held in downtown Dillon and the outskirts of Dillon. There will be tours of the historical buildings and houses, along with tours and demonstrations of historical agricultural, mining, logging and other artifacts. Activities for this event will be based off the history of Dillon's beginnings. Members discussed ways to get local organizations involved with old time basketball games, old time baseball games and other events that they would hold in the past, as a way to bring the community out for a good time.

The DCAC would like to get more public input and would like to have community members show up with their ideas for the Dillon History Days. The next meeting will be held on March 4th at 12 pm at the city council chambers.

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