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City Council Highlights for 08/19/2020

We have been live streaming the city council meetings from day one, but we have also decided to highlight points during the meeting that may have been missed. With the council meetings running close to three hours we understand not everyone has the time or desire to sit through one. Unfortunately last night we had internet problems and had to do the council in two different streams. We will break it down with stream one then stream two. We will time mark, for your convenience when the events happened.

Stream 1

Started out with public hearing on FY2020-2021 preliminary budget and all city districts. This was the opportunity for Dillon citizens to oppose or comment on any part of the budget they did not like. Only one citizen decided to show up and voice his opinion on this. Chris Brozell a citizen of Lima decided he needed to take this time to voice his concerns over the police budget. This is at the 1-minute mark in the live stream. The council then took a five min break and came back with no other comments the budget meeting was adjourned.

The council came back at 7 to continue with the regular council meeting. At the overview of council minutes Councilperson Rich Wassell wanted it to read that he asserted his ADA compliance's needed for ZOOM meeting. This can be seen at the 26 min mark.

A representative from DOWL Engineering was next to go over the Idaho street waterline replacement projects. This is at the 28 min mark. Main concern for Council Person Mary Jo O'Rourke was the shutting down of the street for local businesses, Council Person Rich Wassell had a concern with the cutting of sidewalks for ADA compliance.

Stream 2

After trying to fight internet speed we cut the previous stream lowered the quality and restarted the stream. Unfortunately, because of these issues we were unable to stream to both Facebook and YouTube so we will not be able to provide a YouTube link for this stream.

Stream continues where stream one left of with DOWL Engineering. At the 29-minute mark the council reviews the city budget with Council Person Mary Jo O'Rourke having an objection to the storing away of money for a shop at the sewage treatment facility. Council Person Rich Wassall tries to interrupt with a exchange of words to follow. Council Person Dan Nye agrees with Mary Jo on wanting to see more of what they plan to build.

At the 53-minute mark assistant Chief of Police Jeremy Alvarez mentions the hiring of a dispatch center employee Council Person Mary Jo O'Rourke mentions she would much rather see them hire a person then spend money on new equipment like police tasers.

At the 1 hour 5 min mark Council Person Rich Wassall excuses himself as they discuss the voting and use of Zoom for city council meetings. Council Person Raymond Graham gives a speech on why they need to be here.

At the 1 hour 15 minute mark Council Person O'Rourke brings up a concern of having a complaint filed and the filing person’s name left on the complaint, this goes into great detail of a problem property, and her being the one who filed the complaint.

The rest of the meeting went fairly smooth with members giving a report of the committees they stand on, At the 1 hour 42 minute mark Council Person Graham did bring up the subject of shingles being picked up on the dump road. This brought up the discussion of loads being transported need to be covered, as required by Montana law. So please if you are a contractor hauling to the dump cover your load and pick up what may have fallen off.

Links are here if you would like to watch the meeting, next meeting we hope to have it on one YouTube link with better quality.


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