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Dimensional Modeler CE has a user interface that is very powerful, and supports a range of drafting techniques. It can be used as a mobile application for on the spot drafting, or part of a comprehensive architectural application that can run on a computer or even on a tablet.The main components are:* 3D Visualization* 2D Design and Entity and Fact Models* Entity and Fact Data Populator* Online Documentation* Platform Independent* No Internet Required* Desktop based* No CloudThe following features are available:* 3D visualization* Code Generation* Virtual Warehouse Explorer* Multi Node* Dimensional Concept Capture* Fact and Entity Data Populator* Online Documentation* Platform Independent* Supports Mobile* No Internet Required* Desktop based* No CloudThe following features are not available in the community edition:* Tableau support* Management and Automation* BI Tool supportDimensional Modeler Community Edition Download:Download the product for the following operating systems:Windows (x86, x64)Linux (x86, x64)Mac (x86, x64)Documentation:Minor burns repaired in 1,500 places in MauritiusPARIS (AP) -- A Mauritius government official says his organization is providing minor burns to more than 1,500 people in the aftermath of a fire that swept through a multi-family housing area in the capital.The Cyclone of Havreville fire broke out Thursday in the southeastern town of Fontem and has since spread to several other places. It's caught the attention of social media users who have made many videos offering suggestions on how to prevent a fire from spreading in this area.Madame Adeline, minister for Youth, Sports, Culture and Leisure, said the National Agency for the Prevention and Promotion of the Safety and Prevention of Fires received about two dozen phone calls from residents asking how to protect themselves in a similar multi-family housing area.Madame Adeline said the social media posts were "helpful and are appreciated." She said officials are also investigating ways to build homes with fire-resistant materials and make sure the homes are equipped with automatic sprinklers and alarms./* -*-c++- 08929e5ed8

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