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Volunteer Hunter And Bowhunter Education Instructors Honored At Region 3 workshop

BOZEMAN – Hunter and Bowhunter Education instructors in southwestern Montana were recognized recently for their dedicated service in mentoring the next generation of hunters.

Classes in Montana’s Hunter, Bowhunter and Trapper Education programs are taught by volunteer instructors willing to share their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. Each in-person class is free for students, who gain valuable hands-on experience that help them be safe and successful while in the field.

Southwestern Montana’s 129 active volunteer instructors have more than 1,300 years of combined experience teaching Hunter, Bowhunter and Trapper Education, with an average service term of more than 10 years.

Vincent Salvia of Bozeman was recognized as the region’s Instructor of the Year. Salvia was nominated by his fellow instructors because of his frequent and positive presence in the program and the way he makes classes enjoyable for both students and other instructors. During Salvia’s 20 years in the program, he has taught in 39 classes, donated more than 870 hours of service, and helped certify 3,987 students.

The following instructors were also recognized at the Region 3 workshop for achieving service milestones in Hunter Education:

5 years

  • David Genter, Bozeman

  • Mandy Kemp, Bozeman

  • Amanda McKeever, Belgrade

10 years

  • Mike Mason, Belgrade

  • Hailey Vidmar, Bozeman

  • Eric Williamson, Bozeman

  • Bill Rambow, McLeod

  • Sven Wigert, Missoula

15 years

  • Larry Ball, Ennis

  • Mark Kramer, Bozeman

20 years

  • Vincent Salvia, Bozeman

  • Samuel Stockett, Sheridan

25 years

  • George Clement, Belgrade

  • Jim Johnson, Bozeman

30 years

  • James Aughney, Three Forks

  • Robert Logar, Manhattan

The following instructors from the region were recognized for achieving service milestones in Bowhunter Education:

5 years

  • Jager Rogers, Harrison

15 years

  • Larry Ball, Ennis

  • Carla Williams, Clyde Park

20 years

  • Samuel Stockett, Sheridan

30 years

  • Jason LaCross, Bozeman

Hunter, Bowhunter and Trapper Education instructors find volunteering to be personally rewarding. They often feel they are making a positive difference in the lives of new hunters in ways that can last for generations. Many instructors also discover common interests and camaraderie with other program volunteers

Montana needs more volunteer instructors in its Hunter, Bowhunter and Trapper Education programs. Anyone with experience in these areas is encouraged to apply. To learn more, click here.

To find a class near you, click here.

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