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UMW Fine Arts Show “The Knickerbockers’ Theater of Titillation and Talent” A Hidden Gem

Yesterday (05/04/2022) the UMW Fine Arts held a small vaudeville and variety show in the small auditorium. The show featured eight variety acts. The students and those involved in this show should be proud of what they accomplished. The show was a gem of entertainment that kept the audience engaged and laughing throughout.

From the very first skit called Box and Cox that pitted two gentlemen against one another who found out they both rented the same room. To the Invisible Man who finds it fun to haunt those distinguished gentlemen waiting for a train. Laugh as you are taken along on a journey learning what is good is bad, tell it all comes together. Experience what it was like to be at the Medieval Help desk and guide people through the use of a book. The hilarity of being a Headmaster who has to break it to a boy's father that you beat his kid to death. Learning just how tough someone is, tells them they need to prove themselves and the liquor has worn off. The musical of I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded, and last but not least the hilarious Fantastic Flame-O.

Sadly this was only a one showing play and your only chance to catch it was Wednesday afternoon, but I would highly encourage anyone who is looking for some great entertainment to keep watching for upcoming plays through the UMW Fine Arts Department, they truly are a hidden gem in our community.

Those involved in the production are as follows:

Box And Cox Starring Paul Skirko, Parham, and Josie Thomas

Directed by Josie Marks

Invisible Man Starring Reece Buchanan, Adrianna Irvine, and Araceli Ramirez

Directed by A'Lora Giono

That's Good, That's Bad Starring Greydon Nicholson, Paul Skirko, and Dylan Cowell

Directed by Josie Marks

Medieval Help Desk Starring Araceli Ramirez and Josie Marks

Directed by A'Lora Giono

The Headmaster Starring Curtis Meissner and Dylan Cowell

Directed by Adrianna Irvine

How Tough Am I? Starring Granville Parham, Reece Buchanan, and Josie Thomas

Directed by Terry Haskel

Didnt Know The Gun Was Loaded Starring A'Lora Giono

Directed by Adrianna Irvine

Fantastic Flame-O Starring Greydon Nicholson and Curtis Meissner

Directed by Terry Haskel

Cast and Crew

Producer: Professor Stephen Alan Seder

Directors: Adrianna Irvine, A'Lora Giono, Josie Marks, and Terry Haskel

Actors: Adrianna Irvine, Araceli Ramirez, Curtis Meissner, Dylan Cowell, Granville Parham, Greydon Nicholson, Josie Thomas, Paul Skirko, and Reece Buchanan

Stage Managers: Ilyssa Centner, Rachel Billingsly, Shaela Romine, tristian Klinkenberg, and Tucker Foster

Stagehands: Autumn Harris, Cameryn Sevin, Leah O'Connor, Reagan Johnson, and Micaiah Kouba

Props and Scenes: Autumn Harris, Cameryn Servin, Paige Christensen, Rachel Billingsly, and Tristian Klinkenberg

Lights: Ilyssa Centner, Hookipa Sakalia, Reece Buchanan, Shaelea Romine, Terry Haskel, and Tucker Foster

Sound: Dylan Cowell, Greydon Nicholson, and Paul Skirko

Costumes: Adrianna Irvine, A'Lora Giono, Ilyssa Centner, Leah O'Connor, Josie Thomas, and Shaelea Romine

Make-Up: Araceli Ramirez, Josie Marks, Rachel Billingsly, and Reagen Johnson

Publicity and Marketing: Curtis Meissner, Dylan Cowell, Granville Parham, Micaiah Kouba, and Tristian Klinkenberg

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