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Search & Rescue Respond To Report Of Missing Person

Beaverhead Search and Rescue News

Submitted by: Mel Rice-Public Relations

On Wednesday, May 22, around 9:30 a.m. the Beaverhead Search and Rescue was called out for a missing individual. A 36 year old gentleman from Michigan was reported missing by his brother, also from Michigan and his aunt in Stevensville, MT. The lost individual was staying with the aunt and had gone out for the day, May 21, to put trail cameras out in the Harrison Lake, Harrison Peak area. When he hadn’t returned to his aunt’s home the next morning, Beaverhead County Sheriff was notified via the Ravalli County Sheriff’s department that we may have a lost individual in Beaverhead County.

According to information from the parties involved, the lost individual left Anaconda at 2:45 p.m. on the 21st heading for the Big Hole Valley and then to Big Hole Pass. At 6:30 p.m. that evening his cell phone was pinged at a location around the Big Hole Battle Field. On the morning of the 22nd three hasty teams were sent to the upper Grasshopper/Big Hole divide area to see if a vehicle might be located. No vehicle was located. Around mid-afternoon the missing party called in to report he was in good shape and that he had become stuck in a snowbank at the head of Trail Creek trying to get back to Hwy 93 in the Bitterroot Valley. The hasty teams were returned to Dillon and all was well.

Please remember there is still a lot of snow in some of the higher elevations and there is still that possibility of getting stuck. Make sure you have the proper equipment and be prepared for the worst scenario. Enjoy our great outdoors, “In the Business of Saving Lives”, your Beaverhead County Search and Rescue…

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