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Representative Welch: Serving My Constituents Through Tax Relief and Critical Access Services

Throughout my four terms in the Montana House of Representatives I have had the absolute honor of serving you. Thank you for putting your trust in me to go to Helena and work on your behalf. Although each session has had its successes, the 2023 session provided the opportunity for me to sponsor a record property tax rebate bill and work on legislation to successfully lower the overall income tax rate for all tax paying Montanans – which felt like a great way to cap off the 2023 session in the Montana House of Representatives.

A key piece of legislation I introduced was HB 221 to revise the income tax rates for net-long term capital gains. If a Montanan sells any capital asset, including their home, livestock, or investments, for more than the price they paid, they are required to pay capital gains tax. This tax impacts farmers, ranchers, homeowners and retirees, and many others. The process is complex and confusing for Montana capital gains taxpayers. The calculation is currently made using seven tax rates and credits. Conservatives believe the tax code should be simple, straight forward, and understandable; and that the tax code should encourage, not punish investments. This is why HB 221 simplified the rates used to make the calculations and narrowed it to two rates, instead of seven.

Another bill I sponsored was HB 379 to assist pharmacies in rural or underserved areas in Montana who need access to low-cost pharmacy services, so that they can continue to provide these services. Access to care and medication is a growing concern for many and I was glad I could sponsor this legislation to ensure the services continued.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at

Tom Welch, R-Dillon, is the Representative for HD 72 (Beaverhead and Silver Bow Counties) and is the Vice Chairman of the House Taxation Committee and a member of the Human Services Committee.

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