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Red Thread Exhibit Running February 1st Thru March 12th

dART along with Susie’s is pleased to announce “The Red Thread "exhibit.

Exhibit Dates: February 1, thru March 12th, 2021

*Meet the Artist Reception: Friday, February 12, 2021 6-8pm*

“One of the many reasons for opening Susie’s was to unite community and form stronger connections with the people who live here” says owner Emily Wilson. Her vision of a place for people to gather, celebrate positive habits, and enjoy healthy snacks, teas and smoothies is being realized. People are gathering for exercise classes, live music and art exhibits in the spacious multi roomed setting.

With Emily’s goals in mind, former gallery owner and dART curator Clare Bailey approached her about an exhibit idea inspired by an old saying. “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.”

The exhibit will feature a red thread or band of red color running throughout to symbolize our connection to one another.

Faye Maddox, one of the exhibiting artists summed up the feeling around this show perfectly. “I love that we are all tucked in our different walks of life creating something that unites us together!”

Dillon, join us for a Valentines inspired art opening February 12th from 6-8. Come meet the Red Thread Artists as well as the crew at Susie’s. Let’s get connected this year regardless of time, place or circumstance. Who knows where a little red thread may lead…

Featured Artist are:

Carmela Anderson, Clare Bailey, Katie Barba, Cory Birkenbuel, Jaime Rae Chapman, Paige Christensen, Jeremy Church, H.A. Clemmer, Kayla Coleman, Steve Cook, Caitlyn Feldt, M Gilli, Goodman, Haley, Dave Hayes, Timber Helle, Kristy Hughes, Klaire Kramer, Averi Maddox, Faye Maddox, Paige Maddox, Marc Manning, K McClanahan, Judith Monroe, Cheryl Power, Gayleen Reynolds, Christina Romeo, Rory Shea, Christy Stauffenberg, Madi Stewart, Kari Towery, Kelly Wiggins

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