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Press Release on Beaverhead County COVID-19 Numbers

Press Release Sadie Caltrider

July 30, 2020 Beaverhead County PIO

COVID-19 Numbers in Beaverhead County

At the writing of this press release Beaverhead County has confirmed 43 total cases since the

beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently there are 18 active cases in Beaverhead County with 3 people currently hospitalized.

The dramatic increase in local cases over the last few weeks has created an overwhelming

workload for Public Health. Additional people have been called in to assist in contact tracing

efforts. We want to take this time to urge people to remember to continue social distancing as

much as possible and wearing face masks in public or if you cannot socially distance in groups

of people that do not live in your household. Some cases have led to many close contacts because

social distancing and mask wearing were not followed. Remember that your choices affect those

around you.

As with every case if you are not contacted by public health, you are not considered a close

contact. A close contact to a positive case is considered someone who is within 6 feet for at least

15 minutes without a mask.

Please do your part in keeping your community safe. Isolation of cases and quarantine of their

close contacts can impact large segments of our community and could even lead to interruptions

in services we rely on if those workers are quarantined. Continue to be vigilant hand-washers,

remember to wear your masks in public, stay a cow’s length away from people that don’t live

under your roof, and stay home when you’re not feeling well. These are four simple steps that we

can all do will help slow the spread in our community.


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