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Patagonia Host Science Saturday, Know Your Snow.

Going on today at The Patagonia Outlet in Dillon, three experts will be giving talks on snow pack and ways to help sustain the water they produce. The three experts are Dr. Rebekah Levine, a professor in the Environmental Sciences Department at the University of Montana Western, along with Sean Claffey (previously with BLM) and Nathan Korb from The Nature Conservancy.

Know Your Snow is part of the Snowpack Fest which is going on all weekend. Snowpack fest as described by their website is as follows :

SnowPack Fest is an event celebrating winter and to bring awareness to the diminishing snowpack/water availability in the West due to a changing climate, and the impacts to winter tourism, agriculture, retail, fishing, guiding, and late-season streamflows in MT.

SnowPack Fest will consist of a Winter Film Festival on Friday, Know You Snow Science talks on Saturday morning at the Patagonia Outlet, Ski/Soak at Maverick Mountain/Elkhorn Hot Springs, and Après Party at Elkhorn Lodge on Saturday, in tandem with an Intro to Avalanches Course being offered by Alex Dunn/Pioneer Mountain Education Foundation, Wed, Jan. 29th – Sat, Feb. 1st .

We hope you join us Jan 31st/Feb 1st, 2020 for 2-days of celebrating the importance of our snowpack to our livelihoods and future.

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