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October Call Log D.V.F.D.

DVFD responded to 15 calls for service during the month of October 2023.

  • 10-04 S Idaho CO Alarm

  • 10-04 I-15Overpass Traffic Control

  • 10-05 E Center Fire Alarm

  • 10-10 Mountain View Rd Gas Odor

  • 10-11 Galligher Peak Vehicle Fire

  • 10-12 N Montana St Fire Alarm

  • 10-16 N Montana St Gas Odor

  • 10-17 Kentucky Ave Ambulance Assist

  • 10-18 W Helena St Fuel Spill

  • 10-21 S. Atlantic St Gas Leak

  • 10-23 Birch Ck Vehicle Accident

  • 10-24 Vista Dr Ambulance Assist

  • 10-25 I-15 MM 37 Vehicle Accident

  • 10-26 W Helena St Animal Assist

  • 10-27 I-15 MM 81 Vehicle Accident

October was fire safety month. Our members read to children at the public library,

visited local daycares as well as had the first-grade students tour the firehall.

Our focus on training for the month was vehicle extrication. We also had firefighters

complete the ICS-300 class as well as Haz-Mat classes. Our drill night was spent

focusing on various hose lays on our apparatus. Thank you for your continued support of

the Dillon Volunteer Fire Department.

Please be safe & take extra time while traveling this time of year as the road conditions

can become dangerous without warning.

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