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Idaho Water Project Weekly Update

Plan for the week is to finish up the services on Idaho between Glendale and Bannack street as well as the storm drain. The services will be installed on Bannack between Washington and Idaho as well. The final connection on Montana and Bannack will be done on Wednesday or Thursday and then all the pipe will be installed. The paving prep will continue on Washington St. I don't know the exact paving date but I will find out and let you know. We are still waiting to get the survey fixed on Idaho between Center and Bannack. As soon as we have that we'll get the subgrade finished up and graved. It shouldn't take more than a day or two to gravel it and open it up. We will probably begin cutting some subgrade on Idaho between Bannack and Glendale late this week. Right now we are scheduled to have the curb machine on Aug 15. Concrete patching is in progress on Bannack.

Portion of Idaho Street between Center & Bannack going on 14 straight weeks of closure as construction lags

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